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The Key Players in Turf Manufacturing: A Closer Look at Leading Brands

The turf manufacturing industry is a dynamic and competitive market with several key players vying for dominance. These leading manufacturers have earned their reputation by consistently delivering high-quality products and pioneering innovative solutions. In this article, we will explore some of the top turf manufacturers and the contributions they have made to the industry.


FieldTurf is one of the most renowned names in the turf manufacturing business. The company gained fame in the late 1990s when it introduced its patented “long-pile” artificial turf, which closely resembled natural grass. FieldTurf’s commitment to research and development has led to advanced features like the “CoolPlay” infill, which reduces the surface temperature of the turf, enhancing player safety.

Tarkett Sports

Tarkett Sports, a division of the Tarkett Group, has been a major player in the artificial turf industry for decades. Known for its “GrassMaster” technology, which combines natural grass with artificial fibers, Tarkett Sports has provided hybrid solutions for some of the most prestigious sports venues worldwide. Their focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials has also earned them accolades in the industry.

Shaw Sports Turf

Shaw Sports Turf, a subsidiary of Shaw Industries, has made significant strides in the turf manufacturing sector. They are known for their innovative “H2O” water-based system that ensures proper drainage, reducing waterlogging during heavy rain. Shaw’s commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing has led to the development of recyclable and bio-based turf systems.

SIS Pitches

SIS Pitches is a global leader in sports pitch construction and turf manufacturing. Their hybrid turf system, “SISGrass,” has been installed in various high-profile sports stadiums, offering excellent durability and playability. SIS Pitches’ expertise in constructing high-performance pitches has garnered them contracts for major international sporting events.


GreenFields is a Dutch company recognized for its commitment to sustainable turf solutions. Their “MX Trimension” system uses a patented fiber design to enhance player performance and reduce abrasion. GreenFields has also pioneered the use of organic infills and recycling systems in their turf products, aligning with the industry’s eco-conscious initiatives.

The turf manufacturing industry owes its growth and success to the innovative contributions of these leading brands. Each of these manufacturers has made significant advancements in product quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. As the demand for artificial turf continues to expand, these key players will likely continue to shape the industry’s future and contribute to its ongoing evolution.

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